Solo Sculpture Exhibition

susan Morrison

zzSusan, Morrison, Self portrait

Short Biography and Statement

As a Northern California native which has informed her sense of color and scale, Susan Morrison received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art and an MFA from the Pennsylvania State University. Currently a Professor Emerita of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, she creates both 2D and 3D work. Statement: My art is an intrinsic statement of the constant flux of motion, emotion and pounding resonance of existence. The line leaps, grabs and descends pulling at the tangled pile of unspoken thoughts that emerge and submerge. A work becomes a melody with each specific note a critical turning point in the flow of sound. Sometimes, the silence invades like a fog, softening, dampening until a new image appears. Through the layers of time, the substance of thought is grounded. Color and form dance, rage and discover a new place. In that place, the work begins to speak, a visual dialogue. In this dialogue, passion and pain become a singular understanding.