Landscapes Art Exhibition

The Artist Space Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the first Landscapes Art Exhibition. Along with the selected artists, the jury selected award winners in the following art categories: painting, photography, and sculpture. The show displayed a variety of artistic styles and mediums: oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolor, ink, photography, digital. Out of all submissions received 80 artworks were selected to be included in the exhibition.

Best of Show

Eric Renard

Short Biography and Statement

Eric M Renard ( is a Los Angeles based fine art photographer and creative director. Eric’s passion for photography was ignited at Tufts University in Boston, where he studied under Siegfried Halus. After graduating, Eric moved to San Francisco and worked as an architectural photographer before moving to Los Angeles. Eric’s unique exposure to both urban and rural life can be seen throughout his work, as he is equally at home in both settings. Usually working in black and white, his urban cityscapes and rural landscapes often reflect an eerie sense of peace and quiet, rarely portraying more than one or two people. Eric’s photography has been exhibited in galleries across the United States and Europe, receiving numerous awards. His work has been published in both books and photography magazines. He is also on the board of directors for several non-profit art organizations, helping to organize and promote art exhibitions.

Eric Renard - DEATH VALLEY DUNES - photography  

Painting Prize

John Wong

Short Biography and Statement

John Wong who'd like to refer to himself as a big " Ink Maniac• was born in Hong Kong in 1951. From 15 years old he learned western painting from Ng Wang Kong. Since 1985 Johnstarted to learn Chinese ink art from the experienced artists including Ho Chol On Hung HolWong Ling Yu Chui Tsz Hung Wong Hau Kwai Chan Shing Kou and Raymond Fung WingKee. He learned calligraphy from Chan Man Kit. John graduated from the DiplomaProgramme in Chinese Ink Painting from SPACE In 2003 and participated In the Modern lnkPaintlng Programme at Chinese University of Hong Kong. For promoting modern ink art hefounded an ink art association Thinkers and serves as an executive committee member of Art Image Society and Art Link club. He is also a member of Hong Kong Artists Associationand Hong Kong Modem Ink Painting Society.In his youth John used to work on the Royal Navy's worship for five years and thus his iifestarted to be intertwined with the sea. His sincere passion for the sea continuously lnspiredhis creativity and through the medium of •New Ink• -on experimental new way to applythe traditional Chinese ink art skillsa nd present with the concept of western contemporaryort - John has found a proper way to express it. His steady and soUd brush interestingiyshows a vivid and light character. Recently he invented a new technique "Breaking Force of Light"

  John Wong - IMPRESSION OF YOSEMITE - acrylic and ink on paper 

Sculpture Prize

Gabriela Drees-Holz

Short Biography and Statement

Object, textile, installation artist, ceramist | Studies: German | Geography |Romance Studies | teaching in High School, ret. |Art studies 2008-2012, Alanus Academy of Art Bonn, Werkhaus| Kunsthaus Dreho Korschenbroich-Liedberg, 2012 foundation and management Prizes 2022 Biafarin, theme: Anti War 2021 Artistonish contemporary art magazine | Finalist Certificate, Artist of the Year, Artavita Finalist Prize, Art Room | Finalist Certificate Grey Cube Gallery, 2020 3rd Prize, Gallery Velorose, Island2Island, London 3rd International Prize Da Vinci Florence | Artist o t Year 2020, Magazine World of Art (12 works) My artwork is primarily characterized by: diversity, curiosity about new things, joy in experimenting! Several works from my textile, tape, capsule and ceramic series have been awarded national and international prizes. 2017, a number of artworks participated in the Climate Week in Cologne. In 2020 and 2021, two English universities integrated various capsule objects into the exhibitions for their climate symposia. I was also invited to take part in a climate art week as an artist in residence and at the Dresden “Essen Changes the World” traveling exhibition. In 2022 the environmental theme finds a continuation: 1-in Venice, parallel in time and space to the Bienal, my large scled Capsulated Univers takes part in the 6th exhibition of the European Cultural Center, ECC. 2- Discovery of rescue blankets as a new working material: three times construction of "Noah's Ark rescue nests of the 21st century": a- Kunsthaus Dreho in Korschenbroich b- Geneickener Bahnhof in Rheydt c- Cologne Rheinauport, art boat, "Noah's Gold Ark or the Expulsion from Paradise". 3- Plans for 2023: International call for Participatory installation project "Gold- Noah's Ark rescue nest of the 21st century", call for crocheting butterflies – built up in: a- Kunsthaus Dreho b- Citychurch Mönchengladbach

Gabriela Drees Holz - ALUMINUM BRAKES THE WORLD - wall sculpture 

Photography Prize

Eddy Verloes

Short Biography and Statement

Eddy Verloes is a literary symbolic photographer, a visual storyteller. His photos are pure, poetic and mysterious. He builds a story from a still. He has attention to detail. His photos are sometimes balancing between realism and surrealism, often spiced with a touch of humor. They are not staged but spontaneous. He is always focused on the decisive or unguarded moment. He shoots with his soul, not with his camera. He is a seer in reality in search of poetry. Please don't put him in a box. Most important awards in 2020-2022: - Selected as one of the best contemporary photographers worldwide by the American site All-About-Photo - Travel Photographer of the Year 2020 (People of the World) - Winner Pangea Prize Siena Creative Photo Awards 2021 (Open Theme) - Overall Contest Winner @ reFocus 'One Shot Contest' Awards 2022, honoring the most extraordinary photographers of our time - Photographer of the Year Winner (Amateur) with an 'Outstanding Achievement' @ The 17th B&W Spider Awards 2022, Beverly Hills

Eddy Verloes - APOCALYPSE NOW - photography