Group Art Exhibition

The Artist Space Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the first Group Art Exhibition. Along with the selected artists, the jury selected award winners in the following art categories: painting, photography, and sculpture. The show displayed a variety of artistic styles and mediums: oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, gouache, ink tint, photography, digital, porcelain, bronze.  Out of all submissions received 124 artworks were selected to be included in the exhibition.

Best of Show

Linda McCord

Short Biography and Statement

In the 90's is a series of transparent watercolors about my mother's life after she turned 90 years old. I have attempted to show glimpses of the things she enjoyed doing as well as some more somber moments. I wanted to show there is quality of life at that age. Linda McCord lives in Washington state and works in her studio full time. Although she is a self-taught artist, her work has taken numerous awards in international competitions, and her paintings have been published in several books. McCord taught painting and printmaking at her local college and recently retired after owning several art galleries. She is a signature member of California Watercolor Association, Northwest Watercolor Society, Georgia Watercolor Society, and International Society of Acrylic Painters.

 Linda McCord - FUNNY PAGES - transparent watercolor  

Painting Prize

Jennie Du Juan

Short Biography and Statement

Jennie Du Juan Chinese Singaporean. Vice Secretary of Artists Society of Singapore. Graduated from Chongqing Normal University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Graduated from Greenwich University of UK in 2011 with a Master Degree of International Business. Studied at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 2017. Awarded “Year of Proudly Star" award in 2019 by People's Art Network of China. (Beijing) Nominated for selected artwork for The 1st Contemporary Art Exhibition, wons the "Excellent Selected Works" award in 2021.(Shanghai) Nominated for selected artwork for Certificate of Excellence for the 2021 exhibition by Artists Society of Singapore. Nominated for the "Second Place" Award for "Open" 2022 show by Color of Humanity Art Gallery. (USA) Nominated for "Special Merit Award" for 11th “All Women” Art Exhibition 2022 2022 - Nominated for "MERIT PRIZE AWARD" in ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY’s 3rd PORTRAIT competition

 Jennie Juan Du - INSEPARABLE LOVE - oil on canvas

Sculpture Prize

Diana Fernandez

Short Biography and Statement

I can break into these alabaster stones, revealing their secrets subdued, cloaked in the dusts of our Planet evolution, which is why I love stone sculpture. And my bronze sculptures are also a summary for the concept of art responsibility because are very durable, able to withstand the elements for many years when properly prepared. To develop cosmic visions in fiberglass, is to create new visions of outer space with inner material, that is why in fiberglass I developed Red Moons and many other possibilities and much more that sculpturally merge with color and shape in a different way of  my other sculptures in alabaster and bronze, which also represent the universal experiences that surround us.

 Diana Fernandez Vasquez - WIDE LEAF SET- bronze sculpture 

Photography Prize

Elizabeth Kayl

Short Biography and Statement

I have always been told that I have an “eye” for capturing a good photograph. Driving down the road or walking along a city sidewalk, I am constantly seeking to find that perfect composition or subject to frame in my mind, hoping that my camera is with me. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit that I became serious about sharing my work with a broader audience than just my family and have been pleased with the success I have received in doing so. As a photographer by passion and not trade, I am intrigued by both the ordinary and extraordinary, particularly drawn toward unusual landscapes, birds, and architecture. Many of these submissions are from my series, "Watercolor Moon." Elizabeth has had her work included into juried gallery shows in 33 different US states and in 3 international countries in 2020, 2021 and 2022 to date. Elizabeth has recently won a Juror’s Award, three Best in Show Awards, a First Place Award and a Visitor’s Choice. Her work has been featured in many permanent public art locations, as well. By day, she is employed as the Director of Parks and Recreation for the beautiful art-inspired City of Loveland, Colorado.

Elizabeth Kayl - BOUNDARIES -  digital photography