Solo Photography Exhibition

Alexander Shilov


Short Biography and Statement

My name is Alexander Shilov. I have been living and working in Moscow since I was born. My journey into photography began 6 years ago. For me, a good and interesting photo should always combine three components: composition, light and emotions. And if all three components come together in one shot, it means that this frame is good enough and has the right to life. With light and composition, everything is more or less clear. But the emotional component of photography is what I can get in a children's or family shoot. I am attracted by the sincerity and spontaneity of my models, the ease of transition from one state to another. Black-and-white photography at the same time allows you to better concentrate on the emotional component of the picture. It seems to cut off everything superfluous, does not allow you to be distracted by minor details and concentrates the viewer's attention only on the most important thing. I am interested in photography, which in its spirit is closer to street and documentary photography, where the role of staging is minimized, and the rule of the "decisive moment" comes to the fore. My inspirations here are Cartier Breson, Eugene Smith, Elliott Erwitt, Romualdas Rakauskas, Vladimir Lagrange. During the shooting process, interesting and emotional moments may arise one after another. And the photographer's task is to see, or even anticipate, the moment that will happen in a second to be in the right place at the right time. Member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia since 2020.