Solo Photography Exhibition

Aleksander Rotner

Short Biography and Statement

I often am perplexed reading many “artists statements”, because rarely their art corresponds to the often pseudo-philosophical explanation that is being offered. Now, I find myself here in an uncomfortable position, having to write my own clear and understandable credo, with the goal in interesting you in my work. There is ultimately not much I can say beyond the fact, that for me, the creation process and the results are a mix of addictive feelings of joy, frustration, discovery, disappointment and satisfaction. My work is diversified, it encompasses a wide variety of subjects and themes, since I am interested in photographing anything that is beautiful or ugly, dramatic or tranquil, serious or funny. The photographs are rarely left alone to it's original state, I don't want to document what is around me, I want to mirror through my pictures what I see in my mind. Some changes are barely visible, but many transform the images entirely. ​In the decades long process of evolving my artistic preferences, I realized, that I am mostly interested in inventing stories. In "creating images", rather than "shooting pictures". What and how I choose to photograph is not influenced by trends or styles, but by storytelling and imagination. The finished work often serves as an illustration rather than a realistic rendition of the world around me. This is clearly represented in my website's "Dell'Arte" section.