Yellow Art Exhibition

The Artist Space Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the second Yellow Art Exhibition. Along with the selected artists, the jury selected award winners in the following art categories: painting, photography, and sculpture. The show displayed a variety of artistic styles and mediums: oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolor, photography, digital, ink, colored pencil, ceramic, steel.  Out of all submissions received 84 artworks were selected to be included in the exhibition.

Best of Show

Anne Smythe

Short Biography and Statement

Anne Smythe was born and trained as a commercial artist in Toronto, Canada. While working in advertising, Anne dreamed up the concepts of her paintings from her imagination, painting at night. After retiring from advertising and moving to the Ontario greenbelt, she has been working to merge the strong natural influence of her new surroundings with the surrealist impulses of her past, moving her imagery beyond the realm of classic landscape or still life so that the narrative harbours a degree of anarchy. Anne paints with oils because of its flexibility; there is nothing holding her back from following her whims to create something unique. She gets immense joy from the process of painting and strives to ensure that the paintings stay true to the fine art quality and craftsmanship of artists that she admires. Anne is a member of Ontario Society of Artists, Women’s Art Association of Hamilton and an active member of Federation of Canadian Artists. She has shown regularly in both solo and group shows in Toronto and Hamilton and is a skilled portrait artist. More of Anne’s work can be seen at

Anne Smythe - GALLERY PRINCESS - oil on canvas

Painting Prize

Seda Saar

Short Biography and Statement

Seda Saar is an international artist and designer, working in the field of themed environment design, painting, photography, installation and most recently interactive sculpture. Saar was born of Armenian decent Seda Shahinian in Teheran, Iran, and raised in the UK, studying interior architecture and furniture design at London Metropolitan University. Later she immigrated to the US with her family, and spent two decades designing themed architecture and environments for commercial and location based entertainment for major Hollywood studios. Her current work explores the physics of light and dimensional form, as well as interactive experiential design. Saar works in diversified media often using multiple mediums to convey her stories: Real and virtual painting, real and digital sculpture, photography installation and theatrical set design utilizing technology and innovation. I believe that paint or materials carry their own light within, and I want my paintings and sculptures to catch the light that exists in the natural world” The sensorial and experiential qualities of light, influence my spatial design and I shape environments and cultivate experiences.  I hope to create a positive and vibrant mood with a contemporary minimalistic feel. I am fascinated by the contrast of bold clean forms against the unrestrained beauty and chaos of nature. This is what I explore with my paintings and sculpture. 
My works are based on volumes and act as interactive elements placed in the space. My intention is to transform the viewerʼs environmental experience with intrepid, minimalist, abstract 
forms. The interplay of reflection, shadow, positive and negative space are integral to the composition and creation of each piece.

Seda Saar - CHROMASPHERE IN YELLOW - acrylic on canvas

Sculpture Prize

Jason Shih

Short Biography and Statement

Biography Jason SHIH graduated from School for American Crafts, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA, and majored in Metal Sculpture. And, he earned his Art Ph. D. from China Academy of Art, China (2015). Now, Jason lives in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, and consistently engages in the both areas of sculpture and public art. Artist Statement Sculpture is to interpret the beauty of light and shadow, rhythm and volume through the visual techniques of color, shape and texture. The qualities that the creators of sculpture pursue to touch people's hearts are actually as abstract as temperature and smell, but rich in profound penetrating power. This aura that directly points to people's hearts, and the aesthetic sense that makes people enter the drama in resonance, may also be like nostalgia, embodied in the nostalgia of seeing things and thinking about them, and the timid expectation of being close to the hometown. Sea breeze, mountain mist, morning sun, sunset, in addition to shape and color, there is also the memory of temperature. Cooking smoke, hot soup, wooden tables, pottery cups, the echo of the smell is the gradual tone of nostalgia. In people's daily aesthetic experience, the memory of temperature and smell accompanied by touch often becomes a kind of fuse to revisit the journey of old dreams. The work involved in sculpture creation is to "condense" and record all kinds of beautiful presence in this beautiful time and space in an appropriate way and with true emotions. As a professional sculptor, Jason likes to experience the taste of life with perceptual observation in the subtle moments, and also likes the ever-changing situation of game shapes in the poetic imaginary space. For Jason, art creation is to share various moods and stories in daily life.

Jason Shih - WIND - painted PLA

Photography Prize

Jean-Claude Bise

Short Biography and Statement

Self-taught photographer, I learned in the labs of my friends, painters, decorators and photographers during the artistic movements of the 60s and 70s. Powered by these surrounding energies, I chose photography to express my ideas. In my photographic approach I try to bring subjects of reflection, by asking myself questions about us and the evolution of our society. In my work, two distinct axes are expressed - the perception of everyday life and more down to earth compositions such as perspective, line, color and framing are the elements necessary for the construction of the image. series - abstract Abstract photography focuses on shape, color, pattern and texture. There is no intention to represent a recognizable object or scene (called figurative). The emphasis is often placed on a small part of an unreal space, constructed according to the inspiration of the moment. Without defined basis.

Jean-Claude Bise - ABSTRACT 2 -  digital