Botanicals Art Exhibition

The Artist Space Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the second Botanicals online Art Exhibition. Along with the selected artists, the jury selected award winners in the following art categories: painting, photography, and drawing. The show displayed a variety of artistic styles and mediums: oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, colored pencil, glass mosaic, clay, ink, digital art and photography. Out of all submissions received 91 artworks were selected to be included in the exhibition.

Best of Show

Kharris Brill

Short Biography and Statement

Her moniker, Kharris B, is derived from her "art name" when she was single (Kathryn Harris), combined with the "B" for her married name Brill. She moved to Maine from Utah in 1989, living on Peaks Island for seven years, and attended one year at Portland School Of Art. She then moved to South Portland for several years, and since 2008 has been living in Bath with her husband Ken. Most of her work is self-educated, learning new tools and techniques as she goes. Her creations range from linear stained glass pieces, to batik, reclaimed wood furniture-making, and most recently found object assemblages. In all her media, she finds inspiration in the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Joseph Cornell. She tries to use salvage for anything she can. In 2014/2015, she participated in various exhibits and in July 2015 opened her own shop, Kharris B, in downtown Bath. Just prior to the pandemic, she moved her shop into her home in Bath, and in 2023 began seeking to exhibit her work again. Artist Statement: My definition of Art is a little, well…loose. Over the years I have become visual dissector: My curiosity seems to skip The Whole Shebang and zeros in on the curious detail. Of almost anything I see. My penchant for picking up random bits that interest me has been honed. With this growing enthusiasm I’ve had to refine my collections somewhat. All of these things that I curated mean something to some part of my head and heart. My hope is that they engage people in that same innocent-curious way that they do for me. I want there to be pauses…where just looking at the piece actually requires some time, exploration, questions. Possible discovery. It’s pretty fun being me.

Kharris Brill- GRAMMY'S CAMP - mixed media

Painting Prize

Cher Pruys

Short Biography and Statement

Cher Pruys, ASAA SCA, IGOR, AAPL, CSAA, AMS, LMS, OSA, MAA, CFA, NOAPS, PSOA, AWA., AAOA. "To take my inner visions with my hands and create a work of art for you the viewer .... That is the ultimate in self expression." Cher Pruys was born in Regina. Over the years she lived in many places including Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Fort Frances, settling into her present home in Devlin, on the banks of the Rainy River with her husband Mark, 4 dogs and 2 cats. By age three, Cher was seldom found without a drawing tool in hand. She worked in pencil, charcoal and ink over the years, until, she picked up a paintbrush at the age of 35. Beginning with oil paints, she found her chosen mediums in acrylic, water color and gouache. Although self taught, her dedication and talent has seen her work juried into 512 International exhibits, as well as exhibits in numerous non juried shows. She has won 788 awards for her work in the International Juried Exhibits. Her work has graced the covers of 3 books, 36 magazines, including The Best Of Acrylic Fall 2021, cover of the May 2022 Arabella Magazine, #20 Hyperrealism Magazine with “Girls Girls Girls”, & #21 with “The Young Cowboy”, & the latest, Artists & Illustrators March 2024. She has been featured in over 365 International publications. Cher's works have found a permanent home in private and public collections worldwide.

Cher Pruys - THISTLE FLOWERS - acrylic

Drawing Prize

pamel Clements

Short Biography and Statement

I am a colored pencil artist inspired by the serenity of nature. The aesthetic beauty of leaves, diverse in types, shapes and colors, combined with elements of earth, water, sky, and stone, are the inspirations guiding my artistic journey to define what that serenity is. Frank Lloyd Wright said it best: “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” While the foliage of woodland trees leads me back to the natural world, it’s the beautiful organic lines, the rich earth colors, the dramatic lighting, the natural compositions, and the interesting textures that keep me there. I love to hear the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, to smell rich moist soil, to touch nature's textures, and to feel a calming tranquility of walking through the woods. Nature does not stand still but I strive to capture the special moments of beauty, of absolute wonder, to define this serenity of nature in my artworks.

 Pamela Clements - RAIN DELAY - colored pencil 

Photography Prize

Sara Frost

Short Biography and Statement

Sara has been taking photographs for over 30 years. She searches out subjects that showcase natures shapes textures and colors and she works with natural light to capture the world around us. Sara’s photography has taken her to many places, from wander through castle gardens in England to Icelands surreal landscape. Close encounters with whales in Baja, to finding dramatic photographs in the simple blooms from the garden. I have been in love with nature and botanicals for as long as I can remember. I am drawn to photography for it’s creative adaptability, first shooting with film and now using digital. This medium gives me a creative outlet and a way to share my love of nature. I have adapted the process I use over the years and like to create dream like images that allow the viewer to wonder if what they are seeing is real

Sara Frost - VOLUPTUOUS -  photography